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‎auto Assistant On The App Store

Another advantage not available in other solutions is that the container shares storage with the browser. Login states and users preferences are shared seamlessly across experiences. Developers can now use a Trusted Web Activity as a container to include a PWA as a launch activity for an Android app. There are also open source utilities to make implementing an Android app using a Trusted Web Activity even easier. In addition, feature discoverability often doesn’t always work as expected and compatibility issues between Android versions and OEMs can also be a problem. When using one of those solutions, developers need additional quality assurance processes and incur an extra development cost to detect and create workarounds. Cordova was designed to augment the shortcomings of WebView, but the APIs are then limited to the Cordova environment.

Have you seen new updates in Google Play Store for uploading your app? This blog gives insight on changes in the uploading process and publishing your Android app to the Play Store.

Run Android Apps On Windows 10 Pc


In the present world, both LiquidSky and GameFly have supported the cloud gaming platform very well and kept it alive. In the past few months, new services by Nvidia, the GeForce Now and Vortex Cloud Gaming have been released.

  • It comes with a customizable interface in combination with many interesting applications.
  • It comes with an inbuilt Google Play Store, thus giving you a facility to access any app you want at the touch of a button within the interface of this emulator.
  • APK Pure allows you to pre-register for future app installation.
  • One of Fair’s biggest differentiators is its flexible terms.

Its crudely animated renaissance art and daft sense of humour are positively Pythonesque. The Silent Age is an excellent indie adventure set in a dystopian future. You play as a janitor who discovers an item that allows him to travel in time.

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This article presents the basics of Android reverse engineering. One of the most useful applications of these techniques is reverse engineering your own apps to assess how hard it would be to misuse your private code . Another useful application is learning how a certain app solves some interesting technical issue or works around platform or vendor bugs.

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